Another Game Seven!

Tonight's game seven is going to cap a second straight ridiculously entertaining World Series.  Nothing is going to top the Cubs finally winning it all for me last year.  Nevertheless, Baseball remains great.  No need to change it for the non-fan, Commish.    

So there's a lot of chatter about whether Game 2 of Houston/LA was the greatest WS game ever.  All these arguments are essentially dumb, because they are all so subjective.  Still, it is fun, so here comes mine. 

I limited this attempt to games I watched live, so sorry 1960 Pirates/Yankees Game 7.  Sorry also Carlton Fisk, 1975 Game 6 Boston/Reds and Reggie Jackson, 1977 Yankees/Dodgers Game 6.  Yes, I was technically alive for '75 and '77, but I have no present memory of watching live, and I was probably asleep.   

Game 2, 2017, Astros/Dodgers was an amazing watch, but it wasn't an elimination game, so it's on the list, but not my number one.

Game 7, 2016, Cubs/Indians.  This will probably always, always be my favorite.  Nothing like seeing your team win it all, especially when the last one was the year they invented coffee filters.  Why is it not my number one best?  Because you guys gave up a five run lead and almost gave me a heart attack, and I am looking at you, Joe Maddon.   Love ya, Joe, but seriously?  

Game 6, 2011, Cardinals/Rangers.  Yes, I dislike St. Louis with the burning flame of a Drogon, but last strike triple to tie in bottom of 9th, last strike single in bottom of 10th, walk off in bottom of 11th...that was a hell of a game.  But, not my number one.

Game 7, 2001, Diamondbacks/Yankees.   Seeing Mark Grace start a 2-run rally in the bottom of the 9th off Mariano Rivera was awesome, but I had to be reminded of it in a convo today, so, probably not number one.

Game 7, 1997, Marlins/Indians.   An 11 inning, 3-2, Game 7.  Awesome.  Worth a re-watch.  But....


GAME 7, 1991, TWINS/BRAVES.   Ten innings.  1-0. Jack Morris pitching ALL TEN??? A walk off single in the bottom of the 10th?  Smoltz, Stanton, Pena giving up none through 9.  Come on now.  That is an intense watch, and it appears to be available to re-watch online.  

Mostly, what this list did, was made me look forward to Game 7, 2017.  What a great sport.  


Hey Guys!! I am back...

Sorry I haven't been hanging out with ya.

Truth is, I had a bit of a health scare.  I was focused pretty heavily on trying not to be in pain, was off work for almost a month, and then for a little bit I was concerned it was gonna be worse than it turned out.  

After a crudload of medical tests (yes, that is the scientific word), it just turned out to be an extremely uncomfortable thing, rather than a catastrophic thing. 

 I know you are out there.  If only because the book sales have jumped significantly and this is the only new thing I did.  Trust me, I appreciate the hell out of you.

I also got some shit to say, people.  So stay tuned.

Thanks for readin. 

Mo' Nuggets of Goodness

Tasked with an unfortunately full plate this week.  Nevertheless (I persisted), I am determined that in an upcoming substantial post we will wax a bit poetic about crime comics. While that sits waiting for me in the drafts folder, let's keep the momentum going with some tidbits.  

Pearl Jam's Facebook page announced a film of 2016's Wrigley Field shows, Let's Play Two. I was in Chicagoland that weekend, was browsing the Hub of Stubs, and wanted to go, ended up having some minor foot surgery instead.  I assume the movie will be better than foot surgery, which you can look forward to on the poster. "Pearl Jam: Better than Foot Surgery!"  Does this image make you want to be a rock star, or give you the public speaking shakes?  I am torn. 

You wanted to tussle. We tussled.  Rereading Elmore Leonard's Out of Sight.  Just happened to grab a copy on my way out the door the other day, and have pretty much zipped through. Just like all of Dutch's work, it goes down real smooth.  The reread reminds me of all the merits of the fine film adaptation, and how closely the flick followed the source material.  Clooney and Lopez were never better.   Also underrated was the short lived ABC drama Karen Sisco based on the character from the book.  Got a bum deal.  

My most important piece of advice to all you would-be writers: when you write, try to leave out all the parts readers skip.

Elmore Leonard

Shuffling through music while working, ran into this smoking acoustic version of Born in the U.S.A., and it is recommended listening for you if you are planning on using Born for your campaign song.  I don't think that means what you think it means.   


Hey Hey! While writing this, listening to Wilson Contreras hit two home runs, six RBI's in a Thursday tilt against the Diamondbacks.  Seems like every time the Cubs need a big hit since the All Star Break, Wilson is there picking 'em up.   I think he might be a keeper. 

Being a smart ass, I requested my local library purchase all the books on this 50 Essential Mystery Novel List that they didn't have on the shelf.  Much to my surprise, the tomes are already starting to filter into the system.  I suddenly have 25 items on the reserve shelf.   Oops.Got some reading to do.   Side note, what the heck kind of budget do they have that they can listen to me?

Спасибо, и спасибо, что пришел!


After these messages, we'll be right back...

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Swimming in Champaign

The Weekly Click

You will be glad you did.

Note that if you are not glad you did, it will have little or no impact on my life.  

Still.  Give it a shot.

In honor of Sean's creative support and encouragement, here is a little something.

Yo, Adrian!

On day one I assured you there would be baseball in this here blog, so let's dish on home plate. 

Last night, an MLB ump treated us to an impressive impersonation of the no-fun-league. Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers was ejected from the Rangers-Marlins game for moving the on deck circle.   The score was 18 to 6, and the game ended up 22 to 10.   Unquestionably, it was a rule violation.   On the other hand, what the hell Blue?  "Let them play!  Let them play!"

Watching the clips, it caught me off guard to find out Adrian Beltre is four hits from 3,000.

Beltre is in the top ten all around good guys in the game.  Still, I never thought Beltre and "Hall of Fame" in the same sentence.  I would have suggested the third baseman as a strong first ballot member of the Hall of Very Good. He has never won an MVP. Should you be the best player in  your league at least once in your career to enter Cooperstown?  The Hall has been watered down lately and longevity isn't the same as greatness, cranky me thought.   

Be that as it may, four little hits and Mr. Beltre will have 3,000 hits, 400 hrs, and 1500 RBIs in a four team, 20 year career.

There are 30 members of the 3,000 hit club, and only five aren't in the Hall. Pete Rose is famously banned for seemingly all eternity.   Rafael Palmerio is guilty of PED use and being a notorious dick.   Three of those absent five aren't eligible yet: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Ichiro.  Will A-Rod run into the PED brick wall?  It has flummoxed Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons and Sammy Sosa (but not Piazza and, some rumor, Bagwell,).  Beltre has never legitimately been in the PED conversation as far as I can tell.  

Just now I took another look at Adrian's career, and whoa.  

*The all-time leader in hits by a Dominican player, a list that includes Vlad Guerrero,  David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Sosa.  

*One of four third basemen with 400 home runs and 1500 runs batted in. That club's members are Cooperstown's Mike Schmidt and Eddie Matthews along with sure thing Chipper Jones (2018 eligible).  

*Five Gold Gloves at third, four Silver Sluggers.

*A 48 home run season with the Dodgers in 2004.

*Only one of four players to hit for the cycle three times, the only one in the modern era (last was in 1933). 

There's more, but you get the point. 

MVP award or not, and surprising cranky me, I must agree with 538's conclusion that Adrian Beltre should be in the Hall of Fame when his five years are up. If I had a vote--and I very obviously do not--it would be on the first ballot.  If you are a Hall of Famer, you are a Hall of Famer, after all, but that is a post for another day.  

Congrats on an amazing career, Mr. Beltre, and keep moving those on deck circles.  

Now enjoy these clips of the future Hall of Famer having fun

Abandon All Hope Ye Who...ah, just come on in already.


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