Mark Allen

In 1985, Mark was obsessed with a new television series about a couple of detectives. It was, of course, Miami Vice (Don Johnson in pastels, the Ferrari, Phil Collins "In the Air tonight" pounding while the rain poured down on a phone booth. Come on! Gold, Jerry, Gold.) His mother, on the other hand, was watching Spenser for Hire on the "big TV so he had to watch Miami Vice in black and white, if you can imagine. 

Feeling the inequities of the situation, he joined her one day to take in an adventure of Spenser and Hawk and Susan ... and was taken in by these wise cracking, head cracking problem solvers--equally hooked as he was on the pastels. The first chance he got he picked up a copy of the latest Robert B. Parker Spenser novel, A Catskill Eagle, and that began a rush to devour Parker's Spenser, John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee, Raymond Chandler's Marlowe, Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade, Gregory McDonald's Fletch...and so on. While he doesn't claim that his hobby touches those geniuses, he hopes you find a little bit of fun in the pages.

Journalist, attorney, man about town, amateur baseball historian, librarian (you would think, based on his study), and constant comic con attendee, Mark lives south of Minneapolis with his wife and son and dog--and let's face it, the dog is running the whole show. 

Email: markallen3607@gmail.com. Feel free to email just to talk Cubs, Comics, or why Chris Carter should just stop ruining the X Files. 


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